Failure is my Bitch

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So far, in my young life I have failed A LOT.

I’ve failed tests, I’ve failed classes, I’ve failed diets, I’ve failed interviews, I’ve failed business attempts and I’ve failed personal challenges.   

Sometimes I’ve failed by just a little bit. 

Other times I have fallen on my face so spectacularly that it took almost a full 10 count before I could get back up.

That is, when I did get back up. 

Unfortunately, there have been lots of times when I just gave up.

With many an excuse and justification, I convinced myself it wasn’t worth the effort to try again.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“I haven’t trained in a week, it’s too late to start again now, maybe next year.”

“I haven’t updated my blog in 2 weeks, I guess I’m not cut out to be a writer after all.”

“I cheated on my diet 4 times today, I might as well just give up and order a pizza. Maybe I’ll try and start again next month.”

Knowing we won’t have to face Failure again, isn't it so much easier to just give up? 

I’ve been thinking about Failure a lot lately. As I inch ever closer to beginning the 32nd year of my life, I’ve got A LOT going on.

I’ve started Polly, I’ve partnered in business with my best friend, and I’ve committed to a few really big projects.

I’ve got lots of big plans, even bigger goals, and almost astronomical dreams and as I plot and plan and set goals for my success, I can see Failure just around the corner.

With a  face full of smug satisfaction, he’s waiting for me. Knowing we will rendezvous very soon, in situations both big and small. With our history firmly in mind, he can’t wait to assert his mastery over me. Sure that I am his slave, he can’t wait to disrupt my momentum, destroy my dreams and drink in my self-loathing.

Failure is a sadist and he knows I am the perfect mark.

There is no way to avoid Failure. I know as I work towards achieving my goals we will meet again and again, but this time he will not have his way.

This time around I WILL succeed. I’ve got my Big Girl Panties on, and I’m not playing around!

Forget “Try, Try Again”, it’s time to GET SHIT DONE!

This time I'm going to punch Failure in his arrogant face and step on his neck as I hurdle towards success.

No whining. No excuses. Think big and make it happen.

This time is different.

This time,

Failure is my bitch!

Join me? #failureismybitch


  1. Anonymous said...:

    wow, needed to read this one mandy! so true, failure is a huge asshole who needs to screw off...permanently! you go girl! you've inspired me today. love you big sis, myr xoxoxo.

  1. Mandy Allen said...:

    Failure when not put in check is certainly an asshole! Just remember to learn from whatever caused the failure, and then move forward to reaching the goal! Love you!

  1. Anna said...:

    Loved this piece. I'm a self saboteur in recovery.

  1. Anna said...:

    Loved this piece. I'm a self saboteur in recovery.

  1. Christina said...:

    Tagged. Cosigned. Copyrighted. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. This was the perfect message on the perfect day. I so needed this. Thank you so much!

  1. Mandy Allen said...:

    Thanks Anna! We self saboteurs need to stick together!

  1. Mandy Allen said...:

    Glad I could help Christina. Sometimes a good old fashioned, fired up, call to action is just what the doctor ordered :)

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