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In January I took a writing class. 

Not aimed at teaching style or structure, this class helped me overcome writer’s block, accept less than perfection and most importantly, enjoy writing again.

On the first day of class, our instructor handed each of us a piece of paper with a door on it. The first line on the page read,

“This is the door to a new writing life, waiting to be opened by you.”

Our instructor said, describe the door.

I wrote,

“This door is boring! My door is not brown! It doesn’t look anything like an average door. My door is exciting. My door has polka dots and glitter. Behind my door, Achievement, Accomplishment and Success are enjoying Mocha Lattes and fresh chocolate chip cookies. My door is begging me to open it!”

I know with 100% certainty that this reaction was Polly’s. My alter ego has always believed I am sassy, creative and unique. Polly is the force deep down inside me, who throws caution to the wind.

Sometimes Polly's ideas take over and ooze to the surface:)
She whispers,

“How about lime green eye shadow!” 


“You could totally pull off Fire engine red highlights!”


“I think it’s time you got something pierced!”

Polly believes I'm an edgy, unique, badass artist. Polly can’t wait to open the door and RUN through to the other side with a bottle of wine and screaming, “Let’s get this party started!”

I often wish Polly was in charge.

If Polly was in charge, the door would never be closed in the first place. The door is occasionally closed because sometimes I’m scared.  

I’m scared if I open the door reality might sneak in. My dream bubble might burst. Achievement, Accomplishment and Success might tell me to get lost because only cool badass artists get to have Mocha Lattes and eat fresh chocolate chip cookies, and I am clearly an uncool boring poser.  

Sometimes, I think we all live too much under the fear of the "What Ifs", instead of listening to the inner voice screaming "What the Hell!"

Sometimes, I get up the nerve to throw the door wide open, but I think the handle might be stuck.

Or maybe, Polly has the key.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    loved this post! great way to start the week. xo. sometimes, my arse hurst from ramming my back side into the door, trying to get it to open. it's a miracle i still have a back side some days! myr.

  1. Mandy Allen said...:

    Ya, that door can be a bitch, but I think once you can get your toe in you can pry it open!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The sky is always the limit , the problem is the effort it takes to get to the sky, THAT DOOR, will always be in the way no matter how hard you push it, but sometimes we just blow it wide open, when that happens,,, every now and then we get the feeling your looking for. xoDad

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