The Door Exists!

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So, a few days ago I posted Ponderings.  An illustration of all the bizarre and defeating shit that runs through my head on a regular basis.

After reading it, Jessica (business partner, best friend and previously stated biggest fan) loved the "What the Hell!" message, but also felt the need to smack some serious sense into me.

Deciding physically harming her business partner might hurt business, she created this for me instead.

And guess, what?

There was no handle!  All I had to do was reach out and rip,
and what was waiting for me on the other side?

Yup, Polly now officially has her own pom-poms!


The cookies were even warm!!! 

Just the perfect kick in the pants reminding me to practice what I preach,
ignore the Doubt Demons and just, 
Happy Friday!  Remember to do something this weekend to remind yourself of your own unique AWESOMENESS!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cool ! Happy Friday to you two Awesome ladies! :))

  1. Krista said...:

    LOVE IT!!!

  1. Mandy Allen said...:

    Thanks everyone... it was pretty awesome!!!! A great reminder that you gotta make things happen!

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