Not Actually Polly

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It's actually Mandy.  Polly is my alter ego.

Polly manifested when I finally realized most of what I was taught as a child was true.  Go figure!

But, *shhhhhh* don't tell my parents I said that.

I was taught if you don't like something, find a way to fix it.

As a result, Polly has a serious problem with whiners.  She loves a good rant, but will not tolerate those who dwell.  So get it out of your system and move on, 'cause your squeaking pathetic voice is grating on her last nerve!

I was taught to live a life of glass-half-full, always expecting and ready for more. 

As a result, Polly's a cheerleader without the annoying chants or sparkling pom-poms.  Sniffing out the hope in even the most F.U.B.A.R. of situations, she'll talk you off the ledge and remind you to kick some ass!

I was taught to laugh, especially at myself!

As a result, Polly has enough ridiculous material to give you a chuckle and remind you things can always get worse.

Ultimately, I started Pep Talk Polly because sometimes life sucks.  Sometimes it seems like you'll never get off the rollercoaster, and if you hear one more well-meaning platitude about how life gives you lemons, and whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, you might scream!

And at a time like that you don't need a lecture from a professional or another new age philosophy.

When the hits just keep on coming, what you need is a Pony Ride. 

You remember the cheap $.25 rides that you used to find at the front of every grocery store?  Whenever, my Dad would see an exhausted toddler, screaming and wailing in the arms of a parent desperately trying to run just one more errand, he would declare,

"That child needs a Pony Ride!"

A cheap, plastic, sometimes sticky, always ridiculous, sure to get a giggle, distraction from whatever crap life's thrown at you.  That's Pep Talk Polly! 

Here to listen to you rant, give you a reality check when you need it, and remind you to chuckle at the ridiculous. 

Drop me a line at should you find yourself in need!  Also be sure to get your daily dose of Polly on Facebook and Twitter. 


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